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PreMetro Stourbridge October 2019Since 2009, Pre Metro Operations has delivered a seven-day service on the Stourbridge branch line. Operating for 19 hours per day, on a mainly 10-minute frequency, the last 12 months has been a success story for us. Between March-July 2019, we recorded 100% reliability – over 25,000 consecutive journeys, all on time with no cancellations by us. We are one of the most reliable public transport operations anywhere in the UK.Industry
Industry lightweight Community Transport: Septermber 2019A Society for the Benefit of the Community LCT Limited is a Community Benefit Society - an incorporated democratic business set up as a social enterprise. It was registered in 2008 and is presently completing its preparation for trading. Industry
Industry PCAT Slab Track Rail Live Long Marston 20 June 2019Precast Advanced Track SavingsIndustry
Message from Jesse Norman Tpt Minister June 2019Minister of State for Transport Jesse Norman MP outlines the UK Government’s latest ‘Call for Evidence’ on transforming urban mobility.Industry
Mainspring T&AUT May 2019A message from Tramway and Urban Transport magazine, a supporting sponsorIndustry
DfT: Future of Mobility March 2019Through a clear and collaborative approach to emerging transport technologies and services, we can enable innovation to flourish and harness this once-in-a-century opportunity to transform mobility for the betterIndustry
Anna Chang: Battery Tram Paper:20th November 2018Battery Tram Paper Onboard energy sources reduce or eliminate the disruption, time and cost of installation, maintenance and the aesthetic impact of overhead wires for conventional trams. Different cell chemistries were summarised alongside supercapacitors and hybridised formats.Industry
Alstom: Hydrogen Trains then Trams Jan 2018Hydrogen for CO2 emission and "Oslo Effect " free rail trafficIndustry
LR Applrg Birmingham Extention gets UK Govt. Funding 1 Sept 2017The Department for Transport (UK) announced on September 1 that it is to provide £59•8m towards the construction of the Edgbaston extension of the Midland Metro tram route in Birmingham. Industry
LR Trams reach Tallin Airport: Estonia Sept 2017 Revenue service began on an extension of the Tallinn tram network to the airport on September 1 2017, Industry
LR Applrg : Switzerland: Basel Trams reach French Border August 2017Basel tram operator BVB opened the first phase of an extension into France on July 31. Industry
Applrg; Annual Tram Statistics: UpThe statistics are collected annually to inform the development and monitoring of light rail policy. Figures present information on usage, infrastructure and revenue for the 8 systems which are urban and primarily surface-running. In the financial year ending March 2017: light rail use in England reached record levels of passenger journeys and vehicle miles since 1983 267.7 million passenger journeys were made on the 8 systems there was a 7.2% increase in passenger journeys in England (outside London) 57% of passenger journeys were in London, on Docklands Light Railway and London Tramlink vehicle mileage increased by 2.9% mostly due to developments of the Midland Metro and Nottingham Express Transit systems light rail revenue increased by 5.5% in real terms to £362.4 millionIndustry
Report: Smart Cities: A Sustainable Stimulus Programme Jan 2017The UK faces a range of economic, environmental and social challenges as it prepares to exit the European Union and these are inseparably linked. Three of the most pressing are climate change, housing and the pressure on our land a high population density imposes transport challenges.Industry
Leeds SupertramLeeds Supertram,12.12.16 11 Slides - COLINIndustry
LR Tram SummitPcatIndustry
SECOND DRAFT LRPPPMLight Rail Technology As An OptionIndustry
LR UK Presentation LeedsRoger Harrison 12Dec2016Industry
LRUK Leeds Tram SummitStrailastic PresentationIndustry
Merseyside: Stadler order for Mersey Rail Dec 2016The leaders of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority gave the go-ahead on December 16 for a £460m project to replace the Merseyrail suburban electric multiple-unit fleet. This includes the selection of Stadler to supply a fleet of 52 trainsets for entry into service from the end of 2020. Contracts are expected to be signed in early 2017. Comment: A missed opportunity to order TramTrain type vehicles to expand the system to include street running, history will show a lack of vision and forward thinking despite a high awareness of the options. Industry
Presentation: Leeds Tram Summit: Stadler 12 Dec 2016Stadler; Leads for LeedsIndustry
Presentation: Leeds Tram Summit Press Release 13 Dec 2016Press Release:Transport experts confirm that light rail for Leeds IS realistic and affordable and could be started with the NGT £250 millionIndustry
Meeting: Leeds Tram Summit: 12 Dec 2016Transport experts to gather in Leeds for summit on future of city’s light railIndustry
Presentation: Leeds Tram Summit: Steve Barber Dec 2016Steve Barber Bsc Vice President LRTA Chair Beeston & Chilwell for Integrated Transport Past Chair Greater Nottingham Joint Planning Advisory Board Steve_barber@ntlworld.comIndustry
Presentation: Leeds Tram Summit PR Dec 2016The Light Rail for Leeds Summit will bring together transport experts from around the country to discuss whether the £173.5 million set aside for the failed NGT Trolleybus scheme can be used to begin a transformative light rail network in Leeds. With the local contribution for NGT from West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and Leeds City Council being up to £81 million, the total money currently available for a light rail scheme is £250 million. - Invitation onlyIndustry
Presentation: Leeds Tram Summit LeedsTo answer claims by Leeds City Region "Trams are too expensive, Take too long to build and Buses are cheaper" by the Light Rail Industry Entry by Invitation OnlyIndustry
Pollution: Doctors against Diesel Dec 2016Doctors, health professionals and medical students today launched the Doctors Against Diesel campaign, by holding up giant numbers which read ‘9,400’, representing the number of early deaths in London each year due to toxic air pollutionIndustry
Pollution: City Pollution Warning Dec 2016Air quality alerts have been issued at bus stops, tube stations and roadsides across London because of high pollution levels, said a spokeswoman for the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The alerts will notify Londoners on Thursday evening during their commute home from work. Vulnerable people to stay at home Industry
Pollution:Four more cities ban diesel vehicles: Dec 2016Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, led the initiative at the C40 conference of mayors on climate change, taking place in Mexico this week. She said: “Mayors have already stood up to say that climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. Today, we also stand up to say we no longer tolerate air pollution and the health problems and deaths it causes, particularly for our most vulnerable citizens.” “Soot from diesel vehicles is among the big contributors to ill health and global warming,” added Helena Industry
Pollution: Four More Cites to Ban Diesel Vehicles December 2016Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, led the initiative at the C40 conference of mayors on climate change, taking place in Mexico this week. She said: “Mayors have already stood up to say that climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. Today, we also stand up to say we no longer tolerate air pollution and the health problems and deaths it causes, particularly for our most vulnerable citizens.” “Soot from diesel vehicles is among the big contributors to ill health and global warming,” added Helena Industry
LR Applrg: Leeds: Press Release Greg Mulholland MPGreg Mulholland, the MP for Leeds North West, has highlighted the findings of a transport study, which found Leeds was the seventh most congested city in the UK, as further reason for investment in a mass transit scheme in the city. The report by Inrix, a transport information company, found that London was the most congested city in the UK, but Leeds was seventh in the list, and found that traffic jams will cost motorists in Leeds and Bradford £2.6bn by 2025. Industry
ClientEarth:Air Pollution:2nd Court Victory Nov 2016ClientEarth has won its High Court case against the Government over its failure to tackle illegal air pollution across the UK.Industry
LR Applrg: Greg Mulholland: Croydon Incident: Hansard 14 November 2016Extract from Hansard 14th November 2016 Croydon IncidentIndustry
Applrg Letter of Condolence: CroydonLetter of Condolence – Croydon Tram crashIndustry
UKTram:Tram Safety Statement 9 Nov 2016Statement Regarding Tram SafetyIndustry
TramForward Press Release: Air Pollution - Alzheimers Disease Sept 2016TramForward once again urges the adoption of electric powered public transport to improve public health by reducing vehicle-related air pollution, which has now been linked to Alzheimer's diseaseIndustry
TramForward Press Release: Derby Stanton Ironworks Sept 2016TramForward welcomes Erewash Borough Council's proposal that the redevelopment of the huge former Stanton Ironworks near Ilkeston should be connected to both Nottingham and Derby by tram. Industry
Nexus: UK £1 bn spendThe North East Combined Authority has approved a Metro & Local Rail Strategy that outlines £1bn of planned investment in the Tyne & Wear Metro and main line passenger services over the next 20 yearsIndustry
CAF: UK Investment Jul 2016UK: Spanish rolling stock manufacturer CAF confirmed to Railway Gazette on July 14 that it is preparing to open a UK assembly plant to support the contracts it has won in recent months.Industry
DfT UK: Tram ridership 252 million 9th June 2016THE number of people using light rail trains and trams in Britain rose by an average of 5.8 per cent last year according to new figures from the Department for Transport, which has recorded a total of 252 million journeys in 2015-16 and revenues of almost £337 million. Industry
Environment: Trams: A solution for poor air quality June 2016A look at the Public Health issues in our increasingly pollution choked cities and how trams can save lives - and money!Industry
COST Project: Operations Safety Summary 2016Summary COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a pan-European intergovernmental framework. Its mission is to enable break-through scientific and techno- logical developments leading to new concepts and products and thereby contribute to strengthening Europe’s research and innovation capacities TramTrain full report can be found on
Russia: St Petersburgh, Low cost trams, March 2016Low cost reworked modern tramsIndustry
Ukraine; VinnytsiaA low cost tram for 160000 EurosIndustry
Glasgow : Stadler, Subway contract March 2016Glasgow Subway Contract 2016Industry
Canada: Ballard Fuel Cell Trams for China 1st Nov 2015VANCOUVER, CANADA and BEIJING, CHINA – Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLD) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Tangshan Railway Vehicle Company, Limited (TRC) for development of a new fuel cell module that will be designed to meet the requirements of tram or Modern Ground Rail Transit Equipment applications. The value of this work to Ballard is approximately $3 million and represents the next step toward a commercial product, following the June 2015 signing and announcement of a framework agreement between the Companies. Randy MacEwen, Ballard’s President and CEO said, “The growing need for mass transit solutions in China, together with acknowledgement of the severe air quality issues, certainly makes fuel cell-powered trams an intriguing market opportunity. And Ballard is well positioned to address this opportunity, given our ongoing work with TRC.” Industry
USA: El Paso Trams reworked October 2015A low cost solution;USA: Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority has awarded Brookville Equipment Corp an $18•8m contract to overhaul and modernise six PCC streetcars dating from 1937 for use on the future 7•7 km El Paso Streetcar Project in Texas. Brookville said the aim would be to provide ‘a modern transit solution wrapped in a nostalgic, historical package’.Industry
Siemens: To open a new Turkish Factory 22 Oct 2015The Turkish Science, Industry & Technology Ministry that the country expects 6 500 urban rail vehicles to be procured by Turkish cities over the next eight years. Industry
USA LRT beats BRT July 2015For several decades, U.S. proponents of “bus rapid transit” (so-called BRT) have waged a veritable war against light rail transit (LRT), relying particularly on a claim that BRT is “just like light rail, but cheaper.” LRT defenders have responded with data-based evidence, of which some of the strongest has been the operating and maintenance (O&M) data reported by transit agencies and published annually in the National Transit Database (NTD) of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Consistently, this has shown LRT systems averaging significantly lower in unit O&M costs compared to urban bus services. However, past NTD reports have consolidated BRT with “regular” bus performance data, leading bus partisans to argue that BRT’s supposed O&M cost advantages were being obscured in the big all-bus mix. Industry
Nottingham: Light Rail Conference July 2015Over the past few years, there has been a push to fast forward research into technologies and processes that will innovate Britain’s railway. Pots of money and dedicated bodies have been created to drive forward improvements on the heavy rail network. Now light rail is looking at how to develop its corner of the industry. At the UK Light Rail Conference 2015 in Nottingham last month, Paul Griffiths, metro programme director at West Midlands’ transport authority Centro, announced that funding was in place to support seven projects to move forward to the next stage of UK Tram’s Low Impact Light Rail research programme. Industry
West Midlands: Ultra Light Centre Bid June 2015RTM previously reported on the plans to create a new ultra light rail service between Dudley and Sandwell. It would transport passengers from Dudley Port station in Tipton to the site of Dudley’s former station at the bottom of Castle Hill, close to Dudley Zoo and the Black Country Living Museum. There are also plans to then extend the light rail service towards Dudley bus station. The total cost of the project, which is being developed jointly by Dudley Council and WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) at the University of Warwick, is £27.8m. A bid for £13.9m has been made to the European Regional Development Fund, which would join £4.5m already secured through the Local Growth Fund. The rest of the cost is to be met by private investment. Industry
Alstom: Build a tramway in 30 Months for 20% lessALSTOM: The construction time for a new light rail or tram line could be reduced to just 30 months according to Alstom Transport, which launched its Attractis package at the UITP World Congress and Expo in Milano on June 8. Bringing together experience gained in the construction of 16 light rail projects around the world under turnkey contracts, Attractis is also expected to reduce costs by up to 20%. This would make light rail more affordable for cities that might otherwise only be able to invest in bus rapid transit, according to Alstom Transport President Henri Poupart-Lafarge. Industry
Hydrogen Tram: Dubai April 2015Emaar Properties has unveiled the Dubai Trolley, the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission street running trolley/tram.Industry
Pesa Manufacturers in the UK?The modern, low-floor Swing and Twist trams by PESA Bydgoszcz SA have been given a modern, harmoniously looking body and a large glazed surface. The Swing vehicles are the famous trams that in 2009 were selected by the Warsaw authorities in one of the largest tender for trams in Europe, covering the delivery of 186 units. Industry
Cambridge: Guided Busway may be ripped up 10 April 2015The busway, which runs between Cambridge and Huntingdon, has had 11 million passengers since it opened four years ago, but it has been plagued with defects. A technical report six months ago said the busway, which was built by contractor BAM Nuttall, had £31 million worth of defects - in some places the track has risen four inches - which need to be addressed to tackle the “deteriorating” ride quality. Industry
Pesa: Poland 29 April 2015The modern, low-floor Swing and Twist trams by PESA Bydgoszcz SA have been given a modern, harmoniously looking body and a large glazed surface. The Swing vehicles are the famous trams that in 2009 were selected by the Warsaw authorities in one of the largest tender for trams in Europe, covering the delivery of 186 units. They have also been chosen by Gda?sk and Szczecin. The Swing was also the first Polish tram to be exported to foreign markets - Hungary and Romania. Its major advantage, which makes it so attractive to potential buyers, is the exceptional price-quality ratio. The new Twist tram is a supplement to PESA’s range. In total, since 2009 PESA has manufactured approx. 300 trams.Industry
Helsinki: Artic 16 April 2015A new type of tram building thinking, a hard road from conception to delivery The demanding conditions of Helsinki have been taken into account with the construction of this new tram. Its construction includes a freely pivoting bogie that is able to communicate the steep curves of the tram network of Helsinki, and its surface materials have been selected with easy maintenance and the climatic conditions of Helsinki in mind. The car has a fully low-floor design with 74 fixed and 14 folding seats. The car offers easy wheelchair or pram access. Industry
Dft U-Turn 2nd April 2015The DfT is retaining control of the approval process for about 30 of the biggest local transport major projects in England, in a U-turn from previous thinking. Ministers had planned to fully devolve responsibility for local major transport schemes to Local Enterprise Partnerships under the Local Growth Fund regime that began this month. LEPs have had to develop assurance frameworks for ensuring that their projects deliver value for money. Industry
TramForward PR Passenger Focus 29 Mar 2015The survey by Passenger Focus’ gives a revealing inside look at how the trams are being used, and by what kinds of people. The survey found passengers said they were satisfied with the way trams kept to their schedule including punctuality and whether the service is value for money and satisfaction with ticket prices, throughout the UK in this first large-scale independent study. The tram study showed a higher level of satisfaction than Passenger Focus’s recent study of bus services Industry
Tram Survey Passenger Focus March 201590 per cent of tram passengers are satisfied with their journey according to this year’s Tram Passenger Survey (TPS) published today. Over 4,900 tram passengers in Blackpool, Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, Nottingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh were surveyed. The results show continued satisfaction during a year which saw significant investment across many of the networks surveyed David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus director, said: “These results are good news for tram passengers, operators and transport authorities. “Continuing high levels of tram passenger satisfaction demonstrates what can be done when these survey results are used to identify and deliver improvements that matter most to passengers. And the evidence from some areas shows they are doing just that. For example, the introduction of more new trams in Manchester and the West Midlands has increased capacity and enhanced the passenger experience. The right approach can make a big difference.” Industry
Dudley R & D Centre 30 Jan 2015Dudley is to become the home of light rail innovation in the UK after approval was granted for a £20 million research facility.Industry
Light Rail Awards 2014See who won what at the prestigious award held in Nottingham 2014Industry
TIG/m Hydrogen Trams Dec 2014Is HYDROGEN the Holy Grail for Off Wire Operation by Julia Wahnsiedler describes how TIG/m is incorporating proven hybrid hydrogen/battery systems to substantially reduce capital costs and deliver a more sustainable, less intrusive tramway systemIndustry
Alstom Translohr T6 Paris Dec 2014A Rubber Wheel Tram The Translohr tram for the T6 line is 46 metres long and can carry up to 255 passengers, It offers unique ease of deployment: the tram installation has a small footprint whilst the trams themselves have an extremely short turning radius (10.5 metres). Industry
Vossloh Karlsrhue Oct 2014Karlsruhe transport operators VBK and AVG ordered an initial build of 25 vehicles in October 2011 for €75m, with an option for up to 50 more. They are being supplied through a partnership between Vossloh Rail Vehicles in Valencia and electrical equipment supplier Vossloh Kiepe in Düsseldorf. Industry
Bombardier Vienna Dec 2014AUSTRIA: On December 1 2014 public transport operator Wiener Linien announced that it had selected Bombardier Transportation for a €562m contract to supply up to 156 low-floor trams, which will replace its high-floor E2 tram-and-trailer sets. Wiener Linien says that it will also be signing a maintenance agreement, under which its staff will maintain the new fleet ‘on behalf of and at the risk of the manufacturer’. Industry

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